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"Do as I say, not as I do..." Unknown

“The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity” Andre Gide


Examples of hypocrisy in the world of "global warming":

ThisIsReality.org "Reality" is our first example of the hypocrisy that exists in the world of "global warming".  They are featuring a set of ads that seek to discredit the benefits of coal burning power plants, specifically "clean coal".  In Reality's view, there is no such thing, as stated on their web site, which sits on a server in Los Angeles, California, whose electrical needs are supplied by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, which generates the majority of it's power through...wait for it...coal!  The worst part of their message is that they don't offer an alternative to coal.  They just say coal is bad. 
Albert Gore Al Gore, the founder and main spokesperson for the "global warming" movement has some questionable living spaces, at least when it comes to being "green".  Here's how Mr. Gore's residence compares to another person who may be familiar to Gore, as far as being environmentally friendly.  Someone did their homework when it came to Mr. Gore's web site, though.  algore.com is hosted by Rackspace.com, which is located in San Antonio, TX.  San Antonio receives it's electricity from CPS Energy, which generates only 41% of it's electricity from coal
Are celebrities exempt from being green? As the Copenhagen Climate Convention takes place, how those that are most vocal about "being green" get to their destination.
Prince Charles and Prime Minister Gordon Brown The Prince of Whales and the Prime Minister of England travelled to Copenhagen to advise the world of the dire situations humans are in.  Their mode of transportation?  Something efficient?  Something with a low carbon footprint?  Hardly. 





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Home News Hypocrisy Where We've Been Quotes Videos